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Qatar Central Bank (QCB) has announced that banks are prohibited from dealing in the virtual currency Bitcoin in any form or exchanging it with any other currency, opening bank accounts to deal in.

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7 Feb 2018.

The central bank will impose penalties in accordance with the provisions of the Qatar Central Bank law and regulation of financial institutions.

9 May 2019.

Many countries do not have consistent laws regulating Bitcoin. It is regulated in most countries, and some have banned it entirely.

In a circular sent to all banks operating in the country, Qatar Central Bank (QCB) said that trading in Bitcoin is not allowed in Qatar and penalties will be levied upon violation of the new law. With its value going through the roof before crashing back to more normal levels in recent times, Bitcoin.

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Map: Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies (PDF, 404KB).

Qatar and Bahrain have a slightly different approach in that they bar their citizens from engaging in any.

9 Sep 2018.

Bahrain. Bahrain. Cryptocurrencies legal framework: Planned. Willingness to explore blockchain at state level: Yes. Regulation. Bahrain is taking.

6 Jan 2020.

There will be penalties in case of any violation of the law, said the QCFRA. In 2018, Qatar's central bank also said that bitcoin trading in illegal.

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